Teach Toileting - Potty Training Autsim, Toilet Training Autism

Private Phone Coaching For Potty Training Autistic, Fragile X and Other Special Needs Children

Author and special needs toilet training expert Debbie Bialer offers phone coaching to parents of children with autism who need support and extra assistance in overcoming their child’s potty training challenges.

Potty Training Autistic Boys, Toilet Training Autistic ChildrenDebbie’s phone coaching includes:

“I'm sure that after reading Debbie's book, my husband and I could have done it on our own, but we were nervous and overwhelmed about my son being in a new school with all new faces, new schedule, etc. So we decided to contact Debbie and asked if she was willing to consult with us. Thank goodness she said yes because she was worth every last penny!... Debbie was there for us practically 24/7 to answer any questions and come up with solutions that were unique to my son's particular situation at school.”

---Nora R.